World Cup Fever WCF

World Cup Fever (WCF): a pathological condition wherein normally strong and healthy individuals manifest augmented and inappropriate physical responses in the presence of minor noxious stimuli.

This psychosocial transference and somatization phenomenon is more prevalent in males and has the propensity to form cluster outbreaks on a quadrennial basis. The effects are synergistically compounded with alcohol and parochial success/failure.

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  • Treatment protocols vary from country to country.
  • Verbal de-escalation is not advised. This approach has been shown to prolong the symptoms of WCF and often results in the extreme responses of paradoxical rebound aggression or whimpering catatonia.
  • The Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine (UCEM) suggests the first line management modality of choice is pharmaceutical. A single course of Growacet tablets has a 98.7% efficacy in symptom reduction

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  1. Simon Edward says

    LOL… Thats hilarious… and very true!!! the german soccer team seem to have become experts in this field!!!. I disagree with David should be part of simulation medicine!!! This is the best post on the world cup I’ve seen so far!!

  2. Zina says

    I am not sure if that’s applicable to footie !! you’re talking of a ‘ game ‘ been observed by ” BILLIONS of people ”.. can’t decide whether all of them are diseased !!