Work Life Balance

During my orthopaedic training at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, it was a great honour and privilege to work under the mentorship of Mr Chris Oliver.

However, during those halcyon days of the late 90’s the concept of attaining a work-life-balance was was deemed to be so manscapingly impossible that the phrase dare not be uttered in the hallowed hallways of esteemed learning.

Times have changed…Mr Oliver has changed…and optimism buds timidly as a crocus in Spring, that we might break free from the self-flagellating oppression of yesteryear to forge a fitter and more fulfilling future


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  1. says

    Great brief post, Mike. Thank you for finding time to share it with us. Work life balance is essential for everyone. That includes new endeavors too. I recently tried vegetable gardening of all things… :)

  2. Doug Lynch (@TheTopEnd) says

    What an inspiration!
    I want to get on my bike and cycle to Mike Cadogens place!
    (Note the extremely cool Brompton too.)
    More than half my colleagues in RFDS at Cairns do Triathlons (!) (?)
    I’m not sure how they find the time but they do and I should too.

  3. says

    Inspiring story

    It is easy in Medicine to give up exercise; lots of excuses, short hours, etc. etc.

    Like rats on a treadmill, it is hard to move the paws off that damn wheel, got to feed the monster overhead that we sometimes create.

    congrats chris for getting off the treadmill!

    john bennett md

    hi mike!

  4. Duncan says

    Mr Oliver certainly has changed. He was an entirely different shape back in my Edinburgh Uni / intern years. Good on him.