Fluffing the backend

So often things change…

…and change brings with it unexpected rewards.

Since starting the Life in the Fast lane back in 2008 the medical blog has undergone many iterations. The author team has grown and following numerous altercations with search engine crawlers I have been drawn into the ‘backend‘ of the blog. This has meant learning lots of new tips and tricks to keep the blog/website up, running and functional.

As physicians we want to share knowledge as quickly and simply as possible, so spending time ‘fluffing the backend‘ of the blog seemed an essential part of the website development process (if mind-numbing at times…). This can get a little lonely – so, for those interested in the mechanics of WordPress architecture (!) I thought I would share some of the more useful findings from the last few years of coding and blog development.

To ensure a rounded view of the development process I have offered the LITFL team services to help develop and ‘fluff’ a few websites by hosting them on the GMEP server with the Frontier Group. This process is all part of the altruistic endeavours of the LITFL team in assisting the development of #FOAM resources globally for medical education in general. This provides us with an intense sense of community and collaboration as we pool our collective resources to provide the most functional and wide-reaching free education tools in medicine.

Recent websites we have reviewed, coded, tweaked and fluffed include Ercast, EMcrit, Ultrasound Podcast, ZDoggMD, iTeachEM, tjdogma, BroomeDocsAdventure Medicine and Keeweedoc.

I want to explore the rationale behind blogging, professional networking and medical education provision and try to provide some helpful hints on when, how and why to get started creating/moulding your digital footprint. Very happy to take suggestions if there are any areas you think I should start on – otherwise…I will get cracking on some posts – and collate in the Social Medicine section.


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