5 lessons learned

5 lesson learned

On our 5th year blogiversary we review 5 mistakes made and 5 lessons learned in creating FOAM and entering the blogosphere

Twenty Twitter Rules

anesthetist coffee

Gregory Miller, MD is a Twitter recent-adopter and provides Twenty Twitter Rules from ‘the novice perspective’ on getting involved in #FOAMed Twittersphere


Tech Tutes 150

Do you ever wonder why so many people have an awesome profile photo on their articles and comments – whilst you remain anonymous? A Gravatar will fix that

Google Author Idiots Guide

Tech Tutes 150

Many readers have complained about superfluous prolixity on my initial post on Google Author. Here is the idiots guide (also available as pop-up audio)

Google Authorship

Tech Tutes 150

If search is liquid, why doesn’t good quality FOAM rise to the top? We look at Google Authorship and bidirectional verification as a means of validation.

Spanish FOAM

spanish FOAM

Spanish FOAM: Gabi Heras y otra en español basados están difundiendo el mensaje de FOAM para las partes del mundo que necesitan gratuito Open Access Educación Médica más