Utopia needs a doctor

LITFL was recently contacted by a casting producer for UtopiaTV. They are looking for a doctor to join the cast, as they believe a physician is an essential profession for the ideal, self-sustained society.

Utopia is a groundbreaking social experiment where 15 people go to a secluded location to create a perfect world…a Utopia. This exciting project will be aired on prime-time Fox Network starting September.

The series will follow 15 pioneers as they go to a secluded location for up to a year long to start their own ideal world from the ground up.  They will make every decision how to live, work, organize, become self sustained, and what the rules of “Utopia” will be- if any!  The show is compensated and the winning pioneer wins a grand prize.

No family, no food, no heat…

All the details can be found over at UtopiaTV along with detailed instructions on how to audition…hopefully one of the LITFL readership will join the cast and we can see how an emergency/critical care physician can translate their skills and human understanding to a developing social infrastructure and society.

Casting is searching for candidates who are passionate, great at what they do, and also have the ideas and problem-solving skills needed for starting up a new society.



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  1. J.D. LaBash, D. O. says

    How well can a modern physician perform without modern medicines and equipment?
    What will be available?