UCEM’s PR Supervisor Promoted

Council Hygienist

Assistant Sub-Professor Egerton Yorick Davis IV

Egerton Y. Davis IV (left) and Sir Hubert Ignatious Thompson III leading UCEM's fight against disease

Egerton Yorick Davis IV was born in his ancestral home of Caughnawauga, Quebec. His early career was beset by naysayers who doubted he could ever emerge from the shadow of his great-grandfather, Egerton Y. Davis, the former US Army Captain renowned for first describing penis captivus.

Egerton Y. Davis IV’s star began to rise with the publication of his best-selling novel, ‘On the Road to Erewhon‘. This novel was loosely based on his own peripatetic career as a Psychiatric Surgeon in the frozen backwaters of Alaska and the biting dust of the Gibson desert (where he mostly treated pharmacists). This led to his appointment as Assistant Sub-Professor of Creative Medical Writing at the Doublethink Institute in Pyongyang, from where he was headhunted by Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson III to become UCEM’s PR Supervisor.

A frequent spokeperson for UCEM on public health matters, Egerton has now been appointed ‘Head, Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce’. A leading proponent of the miasma theory of disease, he coined the catchphrase “a gas mask a day, keeps the doctor away” and is noted for his enematic editorials lamenting wasted investment in clean drinking water. As creator of UCEM’s Mental Health Hotline and the driving force behind the 2009 initiative to cancel Christmas, Egerton’s future with UCEM looks very rosy indeed.

The Assistant Sub-Prof’s official UCEM Council Executive Roles include:

  • Head, Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce
  • Hygienist for the Council Executive
  • UCEM PR Supervisor

To keep up to date with the latest UCEM machinations follow Egerton Y. Davis IV on Twitter.

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