Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine UCEM

Welcome to the spiritual home of the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine est 2009

With access to inpatient beds for acutely ill patients consistently decreasing over the last decade there is a critical and growing need for the emergency medicine team to deliver pre-emptive medicine to the community out-with the confines of the Emergency Department.

Utopian Medicine has evolved to meet this growing need and deliver time-sensitive interventions and life-saving emergency care with the development of Waiting Room Surgery, Bus Stop Medicine and Seaside PR through the School of Health and Information Technology.

It is the horizontal and vertical integration at a 4-dimensional level that will allow the development of the Utopian ideals to all health professionals involved in Emergency Care in the peri-departmental setting. For further discussion and more information on course enrolment please read the Federations Executive summary below and join us on Facebook. To keep up to date with the latest UCEM machinations follow PR Supervisor Egerton Y. Davis IV on Twitter.

Judith Tintinalli F.UCEM preaching the UCEM gospel at PEMC2012 (Photo by Joe Lex)

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