It’s not a bird or a plane…

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An 18 year-old man has been in ICU for 7 days after jumping from a building.  A tracheostomy was performed yesterday.  He has now developed acute respiratory distress and you are unable to pass a suction catheter through the tracheostomy tube.

This chest X-ray was taken a few hours prior to the onset of his respiratory distress.

Trauma Tribulation #001

Trauma Tribulation #001


Q1. Describe the chest X-ray.

There is a tracheostomy tube in appropriate position and a central line in appropriate position.  There is a tooth in the right main bronchus which on review of chest X-rays taken in the previous week had been there every day!

Q2. What immediate intervention is required?

The immediate intervention required is removal of the tracheostomy tube – the inability to pass a suction catheter indicates that the tracheostomy tube is blocked.

This the tracheostomy tube and the tooth:


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