Time to lay down the SMACC!

Its now 2014, so the boosters are being turned on, smaccGOLD is going into overdrive!

First up, even if you can’t attend the conference in person you can still take part. You’ll be able to interact via Twitter and the rest of the FOAM world, but you can also make a more tangible contribution. You can create a PK SMACCtalk and educate everyone, everywhere. Here’s how it works:

  • you create a talk
  • the talk has to be 6 minutes 40 seconds long
  • the talk has to have 20 slides
  • that means you average 20 seconds per slide
  • you create a video of the talk
  • you submit it below, stating the title, subject area (e.g. toxicology) and target audience (e.g. medical student, nurse, intern, resident/ registrar, attending/ consultant)
  • we post the videos on the SMACC vimeo/youtube channel
  • we judge the videos and give out prizes!

Check out last year’s awesome entries then enter your PK SMACCtalks here. Some tips for giving a live PK performance are here, though making a video version is somewhat easier! Last year’s videos were widely disseminated via the FOAM world and were well received.

Get #FOAMed!


Secondly, you need to get your SimWars entries in STAT!

Otherwise you risk missing out on being mentored by a resuscitation Jedi (anyone want to hang out with Scott Weingart or Cliff Reid?) as you compete on stage for the SimWars crown. The Poms are still gloating about taking home the SimWars ashes last year… Can the Aussies take their revenge, will an American even dare to enter, or will someone else emerge from the shadows?

Here’s how SMACC SimWars works:

  • Form a team. Ideally this should be multidisciplinary. It should contain 3-6 members who will all receive individual credit for their roles.
  • Devise a scenario that will be educational as well as entertaining to a critical care audience
  • Star Wars theming is optional
  • Create a video 2-4 minutes in length
  • Upload it here BEFORE January 31st 2014
  • Visitors to the SMACC site will see your video and vote if they like it
  • The videos will be judged on:
    • Educational value
    • Entertainment
    • SMACC factor
    • Audience love
  • The actual teams for SMACC finals will be decided closer to the main event based on the individual contributions in the video and other wild-card opportunities

Again, here are last year’s awesome video entries. Enter here… May the force be with you!

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