The times they are a changing

With the era of Generation Y doctors; open source publishing; micro-blogging; stumbling and tweeting now upon us it is important to review the potential implications of the internet age on emergency medicine.

The generational transition behind this digital revolution has already occurred in many other employment sectors and as emergency physicians it is important to stay in touch with developments – we are not immune to the effect of the internet on our daily work practices.

The development of web 2.0, Medicine 2.0 and the new generation of web services will play an important role in the future of medicine [Reference]. These web tools, expert-based community sites, medical blogs and wikis will facilitate the rapid dissemination of information and reduce the work of physicians, scientists, medical students and medical librarians.

The current era of internet (web 2.0) is not just a conglomeration of websites with more aesthetic interfaces, more curved text-boxes and enhanced reactivity but is an evolutionary response to a generational change. The development of web 2.0 has led to more formalized and dynamic information sharing and creation, and has transformed websites from isolated information silos to interlinked computing platforms. In essence enhanced online collaboration now enables individuals to take control of the content on the web.

The exponentially expanding array of high quality clinical media such as digital imaging, audio podcasts, shockwave flash animations and streaming video are set to redefine medical learning and the medium of distribution is the internet. Content is being presented in readily editable; easily assimilated;

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  1. says

    Great post Mike -- your exceptional intuitive grasp of the countless racing technologies that seem to be swirling together to pull medical informatics into a more intelligent, more social future really comes across. Slightly terrifying… but truly exhilarating.

  2. Francesca A. says

    Absolutely necessary and urgent blog. It’s Doctors like Dr. Mike Cadogan who will bring the future of medicine to it’s next stage. The internet is a virtual library. Even in libraries you can find junk to read. If our Physicians do not take a stand now, useless and dangerous medical information will continue to plague cyberspace. If intellectuals and professionals in their own profession do not educate the “naive” public how are we to know what is best in our interest? There need to be non-partisan feedback by Physicians in their respective fields. These days even a idiot with some medical background can post dangerous information. There is no quality mediation by professionals. Most people can not decipher a quack site from a legitimate one.

    Thanks Dr. Cadogan for keeping everyone’s best interest in perspective. Doctors need to start getting on the bandwagon before they end up like the dinosaurs. I Guarantee their/your patients, most who due to advances in medicine are living longer lives, will appreciate and respect a well rounded Doctor.

  3. says

    Agree with above commenter. This blog must be submitted stat to a medical journal. Please let me know if there is anything I may do to help suggest this article be considered for immediate publication.

  4. says

    sums up where the information highway is going and what the health profession needs to be doing to manage the ever increasing information flows
    And has highlighted a couple of areas where I am deficient!


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