The LITFL Review 097

Welcome to the monumental 97th edition!

The LITFL Review is your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peaks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the best and brightest from the blogosphere, the podcast video/audiosphere and the rest of the Web 2.0 social media jungle to find the most fantastic EM/CC FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation) around.

The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beaut of the Week


  • Top spot this week goes to Minh over at the awe-inspiring PHARM blog. This week’s podcast on the Emergency surgical airway – why are we reluctant? (also the SMACC CLUB entry for the “We Own The Airway” team) – with 5 experienced surgical airway practitioners is jammed packed full of pearls and pitfalls around the surgical airway and the human factors that go with. With each one of them sharing their own personal experience, making this both an extremely informative and hard hitting podcast – superb work guys!

  • Actual Tracheostomy Video – Not an emergency case, but shows you how to do it, and Minh shares some pertinent learning points!

The LITFL Review Top Picks

Intensive Care Network




  • NSAIDs part 2: The Ceiling Effect – great post, will have you understanding what the ceiling effect is, and make sure your dosing your NSAID prescriptions correctly.>


Emergency Physicians Monthly

  • Tamiflu: A Drug Looking for an Indication. Sums it up nicely: “We need to respond quickly and decisively to combat the flu, but we need to fight the temptation to use ineffective tools simply because they are the only pharmacological options available.”

EKG Videos


  • Paediatric Arrest: But What About the Parents? – Natalie provides a thought provoking in depth look at family witnessed resuscitation in paediatric arrest. Benefits for both family and health care staff, but does need a dedicated resource for the family if its to be beneficial.

The Poison Review


  • The Thunderbox Papers: 4H’s & 4T’s. – Print it of and hang it in your resus room!

Broome Docs


EM Literature of Note

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

  • Who Are You? – The SGEM takes on one of its supports.critics and answer some tough questions from her.

Pediatric EM Morsels

  • Back pain in the paediatric ED is definitely not as prevalent as the adult ED, but actually warrants some additional concern. Find out what those concerns are in Paediatric Back Pain!


  • Traumatic cardiac arrest outcomes – There is hope in this often young, fit healthy group, and this study shows outcomes aren’t as bad as we all think they are!


A Life at Risk

Dr Smith’s ECG Blog

UMEM Educational Pearls

This week’s pearl is on cardiac screening in young athletes by Semhar Tewelde.

  • Sports are associated w/an increased risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD) in athletes who are affected by cardiovascular conditions predisposing to ventricular arrhythmias (VA)
  • SCD has substantially decreased in Veneto, Italy due to the introduction of a preparticipation screening program that identifies unrecognized cardiovascular conditions
  • This study included 145 athletes evaluated for VA using a screening protocol of ECG, exercise testing, echocardiography, holter monitoring, and cardiac MRI
  • ECG was normal in most athletes (>85%)
  • VA were detected prevalently during exercise testing
  • Cardiac MRI detected right ventricular regional kinetic abnormalities (ARVD) in 9 of 30 athletes
  • A total of 30% of these athletes had potentially dangerous VA
  • In asymptomatic athletes w/prevalently normal ECG, most VA’s can be identified by adding an exercise test

Ultrasound Podcast

  • Have you been practicing your lung ultrasound after the last episode? Have you felt that there was just something missing…..just one more piece of the puzzle?

The LITFL Review Shout Out of the Week

Resus Review

Shout out this week heads to Resus Review by EM physician Charles Bruen. Resus Review provides us with short sharp ‘key point’ posts on a mixture of emergency medicine and critical care topics. Check out the latest ones below:

The GMEP Cases of the week

GMEP Image of the week:


Twee Dee and Twitical Care

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News from the Fastlane

The Final Words

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