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LITFL Review
Welcome to the lavish 80th edition!

The LITFL Review is your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peaks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team casts the spotlight on the best and brightest from the blogosphere, the podcast video/audiosphere and the rest of the Web 2.0 social media jungle to find the most fantastic EM/CC FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation) around.

The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beaut of the Week

Leon Gussow of The Poison Review fame takes out top spot this week with four great toxicology posts. Check them out and see if you agree!

The LITFL Review Top Picks

The Short Coat

  • Amal shares with us a case from Downunder:
  •  Scott takes us back to the old days, just him, the mic and us as he delivers a stellar podcast on The Post-Intubation Package, how to do things right once the tube is in. Pure gold!

UMEM Educational Pearls

Pearl of the week is by Michael Winters on Delirium in the Critically Ill:

  • Delirium has been shown to be an independent predictor of mortality and can occur in up to 75% of critically ill patients.
  • Whether preventing or treating delirium in the critically ill patient, consider the following:
    • Minimize the use of anticholinergic medications (i.e. diphenhydramine, chlorpromazine)
    • Ensure pain is adequately controlled (avoid meperidine and tramadol)
    • Be careful with sedative medications; consider bolus dosing and daily interruption of continuous infusions
  • Additional measures to treat delirious patients include reducing sensory deprivation, promoting normal sleep-wake cycles, early physical rehabilitation, and treating psychosis.
  • Shrapnel to the Eye – An up-close look at how to care for a potentially-ruptured globe in the emergency department.

Emergency Medicine Ireland

  • ECG Case 001 – Is it sinus tachy, AF or A-flutt – you be the judge!
  • What is a MOOC? – A massive open online course (MOOC) is a type of online course aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web. Sounds awesome check out the post for more!
  • ΔK – Take home message: Think twice before using succinylcholine when intubating patients who have long ICU stays or who have developed critical care neuropathy.
  • another ECG case…  – complicated by the fact the patient has downed a heap of Amisulpride….Chris shares with us an approach to managing this tricky tablet.
  • UTI and Duration of Fever – Vaccinations have prevented a lot of illnesses in our little ones, but when fever is ongoing, and viral illness doesn’t fit, check the pee!
  • The Impossible Job – we’re not always right in medicine, the job isn’t always easy – but would we do anything else really?
  • Is Roc vs Sux Moot? – A bit more look at the evidence and Roc is still Rocking, Sux is still sucking!
  • A quick ECG from my mummy – Andre shares with us a tricky ECG his mum sent him! heard of Epsilon waves? What about arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia?

The LITFL Review Shout Out of the Week


Shout-out of the week this week is taken out by Gerry Considine (@ruralflyingdoc) and his blog ruralflyingdoc. Gerry is a rural country GP who blogs about medicine, flying and sport.

  • This week post on Situs Inversus – really got my attention. When normal isn’t normal aka the organs are the wrong way around!

Twee Dee and Twitical Care

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News from the Fastlane

  • Anyone that uses the Oxylog in there department, check out this awesome instructional video from Jo Deverill: Borrow The Oxylog 3000!
  • Household Words Chapter 4 – Michelle wraps us this stunning series with a look at medical instincts.

The Final Words

  • “To be a person is to have a story to tell.”

– Isak Dinesen

  • Emergency Medicine is not the business of making diagnoses; it is the business of excluding them.

-Kit Tainter

That’s it for now…

Hopefully this roundup of the world of electronic emergency medicine and critical care education for everyone helps you to deal with anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime for at least another week! If you’d like to suggest something for inclusion in the next edition of The LITFL Review, email kane AT

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