The LITFL Review 029

Welcome to the stimulating 29th edition!

The LITFL Review is your regular and reliable source for the highest highlights, sneakiest sneak peaks and loudest shout-outs from the webbed world of emergency medicine and critical care. Each week the LITFL team will cast the spotlight on the best and brightest from the blogosphere, the podcast video/audiosphere and the rest of the Web 2.0 social media jungle.

The Most Fair Dinkum Ripper Beaut of the Week!

Top spot this week heads up north to Casey Parker with his brilliant take off of the hit song “If you are happy and you know it.” If you’ve just come of a weekend of dealing with drunks, punks and personality disorders your bound to be singing this all the way to your next shift. Maybe we could even use the song as a preventative health measure and play it in the waiting room?
If you are angry and you know it, punch a pillow.
If you are angry and you know it, punch a pillow.
Don’t punch your wife, or the fridge or a window -
If you are angry and you know it punch a pillow!
If you are sad and you know it, call a friend.
If you are sad and you know it, phone a friend.
Don’t drink, cut yourself or a seizure pretend.
If you are sad and you know it phone a friend.
If you are crazy and you know it, you are probably not crazy.
If you are crazy and you know it, you are probably not crazy.
Maybe you ego is a bit hazy, or your coping mechanisms: lazy.
If you are crazy and you know it, you are probably not crazy.
If you’re a Junky and you know it – try and be smart.
If you’re a Junky and you know it – try and be smart.
Don’t turn up to ED, look needy, hoping I’ll have a heart.
If you’re a Junky and you know it – try and be smart.

The Usual Suspects


  •  Seems that the E-FAST for pneumothorax is beginning to be to dominate force in diagnosis, rather than the time honoured CXR.

Emergency Physicians Monthly

  • Check out the 10 most potential Practice Changing Abstracts to impact the practice of emergency physicians, from the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s Annual Meeting was held June 1-5, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts.


  • Organ Donation in the ED, although not something the ED Critical Care specialist does everyday, this short, straightforward, and informative video is right on the money for everything you need to know on diagnosing brain death.

Emergency Medicine News

Free Emergency Medicine Talks

  • This weeks talk of the week is By David Newman yes he is everywhere from SMART EM, Annals of Emergency Medicine Podcast, EMCrit and the NNT and now gets Joe’s pick of the week with a talk on  Understanding Diagnostic Testing.

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine

  • Trick of the trade: Head lacs are always difficult to bandage and keep the bandage in place  - mainly because the patient is either confused or intoxicated. Well it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore check out this trick of the trade and start making a beanie hat and have your patients haemostasis and coolness under control.
  • Paucis Verbis: Can’t always remember the indication and contraindications for Fibrinolytics for PE, time to save this handy little card to your phone for quick reference.
  • Struggling with inspiration lately -have a listen to Conan O’Brien graduation speech…If it doesn’t give you inspiration it sure will give you a laugh.


The Poison Review

EMRAP: Educators’ Edition
  • The lad’s are back from a break with How to Get Promoted in Academic Emergency Medicine. If you want to know how it’s done….you must check out this episode.

The Rest Of The Best


Emergency Medicine Ireland

 ICU Rounds

  •  We have heard an abundance of information on Pulmonary Embolus from the emergency medicine world of late -now its time for the ICU perspective.
  • Oli brings us a new feature to his blog with scan of the week. Have a look at this week’s scan and see if you can spot the major findings…


 Emergency Medicine Literature of Note

Emergency Physicians International

This week pearl is by Dr Michael Winters with a look at Blood Pressure in the Critically Ill Obese Patient:
  • Recall that incorrectly sized cuffs can significantly overestimate blood pressure, especially in obese patients.
  • In fact, some studies show that false BP readings can occur in up to 75% of obese patients.
  • By relying solely on noninvasive BP measurements, many of your critically ill obese patients may actually be hypotensive and under perfused.
  • When you’ve got a sick obese patient, strongly consider early placement of an arterial line to assess and monitor blood pressure.
  • For something different this week The LITFL R/V  give’s a shout shout-out to our friends the X-Ray Tech with their fascinating blog post looking at 10 Interesting Facts About the History of X-Ray Technology , from the discovery of the electron all the way through to the use of X-rays in space.

Twee-D and Twitcal Care

EMCrit wants to know, what you want to know about sepsis -looks like a new podcast is on the horizon.


News from the Fastlane

  • The team at LITFL extend our congratulations to our friend ZDoggMD and to Mrs ZDogg on their new arrival to the ZDogg family.

The Final Words

  • Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

-Auguste Rodin

  • “Your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention.”

-Conan O’Brien

That’s it for now… Hopefully this roundup of the world of electronic emergency medicine and critical care education for everyone helps you to deal with anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime for at least another week! If you’d like to suggest something for inclusion in the next edition of The LITFL Review, email our roving reporter:kane AT

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