The Levels of Eminence

Egerton Y. Davis IV spoke to an assembled horde of Genghis Khan‘s descendants in Ulaanbataar today, the first stop on the 2010 UCEM World Tour. He made a key announcement regarding the formation of the new Center for Eminence Based Medicine now operating under the auspices of the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine.

mobgolian honor guard

Egerton Y. Davis IV was greeted by a Guard of Eminence (Level 2) on his arrival in Ulaanbataar.

Davis IV said:

“For too long medical professionals have been slaves to the Evidence Based Medicine Leviathan. Doctors are sick of hearing the constant refrain – “But what level of evidence supports that?” – emanating from Blackballers, wannabe Devil’s Advocates and downright annoying medical students whenever they make diagnostic or therapeutic decisions.”

“We at UCEM, like you, the practicing doctor, lament the stranglehold that this tyrannical rule has on our profession. Clearly we need to go back to the ‘good ole days’ and create a system by which we can simplify and clarify the justifications for our decision-making based on the things that really matter.”

“Fortunately, our prayers have been answered. UCEM is pleased to unveil the Center for Eminence Based Medicine’s new ‘Levels of Eminence’. Let the new golden age of Eminence Based Medicine begin!”

Mongolian camels

Attendees at the UCEM World Tour in Ulaanbataar literally turned up in their droves.

Davis IV’s presentation compared and contrasted the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine‘s cumbersome system:

CEBM's Levels of EvidenceGrades of Recommendation…with the new streamlined and practical system developed by UCEM’s Centre for Eminence Based Medicine:

Levels of Eminence Based Advice

  • Level 1 — Advice from Sir Hubert Ignatius Thompson III, UCEM President
  • Level 2 — Advice from an UCEM Council Executive Member
  • Level 3 — Advice from an UCEM Fellow
  • Level 4 — Advice from an UCEM Trainee (aka MUPPET)
  • Level 5 — Something you just made up
  • Level 6 — Advice from a member of a College of Medicine other than UCEM

Grades of Eminence Based Recommendation

  • A — Consistent Level 1 advice
  • B — Consistent Level 2 or 3 advice, or extrapolations from Level 1 advice
  • C — Consistent Level 4 advice, or extrapolations from Level 2 or 3 advice
  • D — Consistent Level 5 advice, or extrapolations from Level 4 advice
  • E — Consistent Level 6 advice, or troublingly inconsistent or inconclusive advice of any level

UCEM hopes the medical practitioners of the world will adopt this new system with the same enthusiasm as the expert bactrian camel herders of Outer Mongolia.

Mongolian doctors settling their differences the old fashioned way - now they can just refer to the 'Levels of Eminence'.

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  1. Thomas says

    Greetings from Germany: The President of the German Medical Board was cited this week in one of the most popular politcal journals with a epoche making judging: “Medicin is not a science, but experience”. He said that in the context of homeopathie, a system founded by Samual Hannemann about 200 years ago, which is disproved in more than a hundred papers. He proposed homeopathic treatment to be part of the training of german medical students, homeopathie to be part of the stateboard-exam and homeopathic treatment to be financed by the public health-insurance. “Belief the experiences made over the last decades and stop to try to prove everything scientifically”.
    That´s how it works, guys!