The Art of Infarct Localisation

You may know Ass. Prof. Tor Ercleve F.UCEM as the man who introduced the world to the Six Phases of Study, such wondrous inventions as the Defibritazer BP50KV, and that tastiest of all delicacies, the Molvanian Cake of Fruit.

Apparently he doodled this during an important admin meeting following a protracted episode of Kekulian inspiration:

Image by Tor Ercleve

Once back at his beloved Mac, from crude beginnings emerged this remarkable product of savantly idiocy:

Image by Tor Ercleve

Click on the images to enlarge them, then learn more about ECGs at the forever growing ECG Library on

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”
— Michaelangelo



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  1. says

    In the hands of an ED staffie, do you think that bedside echo gives better localisation than ECG?

    (looking for focal dyskinesis in 3 planes).

  2. says

    Hi Hildy,
    In my hands, definitely not! Both techniques are user dependent to some degree, and that is probably what determines their relative accuracy.
    Stephen Smith described a case (sorry, I can’t remember the link… will keep looking) where the ECG corrected the cardiologist during angiography -- the ECG in ED showed that the clot must have embolised prior to angiography -- the cardiologist then looked a bit harder and found evidence of this. Let’s not give up on ECGs just yet… ;-)

    Dr Smith’s ECG blog



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