Thank you

Wow…a big thank you to everybody out there in the medical blogosphere

…at 01:00 this morning, our 5,000,000th unique visitor tuned in…

Life in the Fast Lane started as a simple emergency medicine blog back in 2009. The aim was to produce medical education updates through social media, to develop and detail clinical cases, to review the critical care literature and put a lighter spin on some of the nuances of medical politics.

Despite some frustrations and set-backs with a Google blacklisting, server failures and generally poor coding on my behalf…we are still here. We will continue to add to the collection of 4000 pages,  articles, comments and cases whilst rolling out some new FREE educational resources in the very near future with the GMEP and Image bank to be launched in June…

On behalf of the entire Life in the Fast Lane crew – Thank you for your amazing support!


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  1. Andrew Perry says

    Congratulations Mike and Chris, and everyone else involved in this fantastic resource. Looking forward to getting further daily doses of LITFL as it goes onwards and upwards!

  2. trevor says

    Amazing effort Mike and Chris (and team) -- LITFL just continues to educate and entertain with its own unique style. I feel very lucky to have seen its early evolution at close quarters, and still look forward each week to having my mind challenged by your posts.

  3. says

    “If you still think medical blogging is not worth your time, think again. Congratulations to LiTFL for 5,000,000 visitors!”

    Congratulations, Mike! Well-deserved. LiTFL is not only unique in content but in style too. It’s also a beacon of hope. It shows not only that medical blogging can be done, but that it can be done successfully and have a worldwide impact.

  4. Catherine Voutier says

    Hi Chris, this is a wonderful resource which I point people to. I also use this site to demonstrate the benefits of web 2.0 technologies to clinicians who are wary about using these tools.

    One thing I’d like to ask -- have you considered doing a journal club type post where you critically appraise an article?

    Fantastic work all round!


    Catherine Voutier
    Clincial Librarian
    Royal Melbourne Hospital

  5. says

    Congrats on all the success!! You folks certainly deserve it after all the hard work you’ve put into making this the premier one-stop emergency medicine destination on the internet.

  6. says

    Mike and Chris

    My heartiest of congratulations to the two of you and your team! Anyone who has ever blogged only has to look at your accomplishment and be amazed. Again, my best and hopefully you are having a toast this evening to such a successful endeavor.

    Hats off,

  7. says

    Seeing what you guys were doing here inspired myself and at least a few others I know to start writing our own blogs as well, so thanks for the continued inspiration.