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TechTool review MedNote by CappsDev on iOS

MedNote was developed by a New Zealand Anaesthetist and her son, a software developer.

Its aim is to allow you to keep all your essential documents, algorithms, notes, tables, images, and audio clips in one place that is easily accessible and searchable.

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I’m not a big fan of the design. The graphics are basic, and there is an unusual neon colour scheme going on which is rather distracting.

However, this colour scheme can be changed, and you can customise the app to adjust the colours, row height, and font-type. I’m not sure all the customisation options are necessary – it would be better for it to look great when you open the app first time round.

User Interface




Clinical Content

This app does everything and more:

  • Save and edit documents
  • Add screenshots or photos
  • Store webpages for online access
  • Add your own notes for each document
  • Search through it all easilyIt also has in-app access to your calculator, calendar, and phone so you can make calls and set reminders within MedNote.


  • $3.79– too pricey for what it does and what it looks like at the moment

Room for Improvement

  • One of the selling points is that all the data is stored locally and not in the cloud, so your info should be safer. This does raise the question of how much precious iPhone storage space this would take up – the developers could address this question in the app blurb.
  • Redo the graphics so users feel happy, rather than slightly queasy, when opening the app.
  • Get rid of the bells and whistles (phone access, calculator, calendar) and focus on the main event – organising your useful documents to make them easy to access when needed.


There is something about the idea of this app that is great. The status quo is annoying – where we have to find all our well-used information in different places on our phone/the internet, and making a more workable solution can only be a good thing.

Where the application falls down (aside from the graphics which can be easily rectified) is in explaining and demonstrating why it’s better than what we have already. Our iPhone is already designed to do most of these things well. There are other apps for file organising (e.g. Dropbox or Boxie); or note-taking (e.g. Evernote); or image storage (e.g. PicSafe Medi).

If this app is going to be a true alternative to these, it needs to looks better, feel nicer to use, and the developers need to be clearer about what makes it special.

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  1. says

    Hello, love the tech tool articles, thanks for posting them. After reading this latest one I had the oddest sense of déjà vu… I was certain id been using an app much like this one for a while.

    Have you heard of “TrunkNotes”? It’s a fully searchable, linkable Wiki on your iPhone. It’s fully customizable using CSS, JavaScript and the Lua scripting language. You can attach image files, audio files and other files to your documents as needed and back everything up to Dropbox. For privacy concerns you can also encrypt individual files both locally and on your Dropbox.

    I use it for shift notes and storing tidbits of useful info. It’s proven itself to be robust, resilient and easy to use. Although, you can make it as complicated as you’d like… It’s very scalable. One of my favourite features is the ability to access your local documents from any web browser and edit them in any text editor.

    I’m not the app developer, nor do I have any relationship with the app developer. I’m a satisfied user of the app only.

    You can find more info here: