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TechTool review AgileMD by AgileMD Inc on iOS and android

Agile MD aims to be a point-of-care handbook where health professionals can quickly look up treatment guidelines and protocols without requiring internet access.

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The design is clean, the colour scheme looks good. They’ve not exactly gone all-out on the rest of the graphics but it does the job

User Interface



Clinical Content

At the moment it has two components – Clinical Essentials and ALiEM’s PV cards

Clinical Essentials
This has eight sections for clinical reference including: Glasgow Coma Scale; neuro exam; and peds normal values and vitals. For example, the neuro exam section takes you through the specifics of examining the cranial nerves, reflexes, gait and so on.

PV Cards
Michelle Lin’s PV cards are a great contribution to the FOAM community and it’s very handy to have quick access to these on your mobile.

There are some other features in the app:

  • You can mark topics to add them to a favourites list
  • You can add your own notes/files to the app by emailing them to AgileMD (not sure if anyone would use this function though)


  • FREE

Room for Improvement

  • There are a couple of menu items that look clickable but are not – it’s a bit annoying
  • Rather than using the stock ‘file’ icon, getting a designer to do a few simple icons would help brighten up the app
  • The content is a bit haphazard i.e. it covers dribs and drabs of clinical care so is not yet comprehensive enough to truly be a handbook.


  • I’ve put off reviewing this app for a long time – the PV cards have been created by one of my FOAM heroes and that makes it a tad difficult to criticise.
  • This a nice, free app that offers a quick reference for management algorithms. It has the potential for more content to be added, making it one to keep an eye on.
  • The main stumbling block is that there are lots of apps that function as a ‘handbook for Emergency Care’, so something needs to be able to set the app apart from the rest. In my opinion, PalmEM remains the outstanding winner of the best quick-reference EM app – it covers everything you could ever want and is very well organized. Agile MD has a way to go to beat it
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  1. says

    Thanks for the review Tessa. I think you are spot on. It’s got some growing room still, but the potential for sustainability, portability, and growth are tremendous. It’s definitely not a comprehensive product by far, but if we as a collective group move more stuff there, it may move in that direction more. I look forward to what they can do in the future.

  2. says

    Thank you for your honest review; our team at AgileMD sincerely appreciates your work. We all sincerely believe that it’s through open and straight-forward dialog like this that we can make significant improvements in the quality of clinical technology.

    Your critical points are valid and reflect the areas in which our team is investing significant time and energy. And, as you correctly suspected, we are bringing on more exceptional content partners every week. Michelle Lin is indeed a pioneer and she has made our upcoming releases and partnerships possible. We all owe her tremendous thanks!

    Cofounder, AgileMD