TechTool Thursday 046 Chest X-ray

TechTool review Chest X-ray by Polwarth Medical on iOS

Chest X-ray is a quiz to test your skills of x-ray interpretation. Answer the questions and then take a look at how wrong (or right) you were

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  • I love the look of the app – simple yet attractive. The icons are thoughtfully designed and the actual quiz interface is clear and easy to use. The font size makes the content (and explanation of the answers) very readable.
  • The one design flaw that did drive me nuts was getting stuck when viewing an x-ray image. You can click on an x-ray to view it in a larger pop-up screen and can also zoom in on it (which is a very handy feature). But getting rid of the pop up box is no mean feat.

User Interface




Clinical Content

The app contains around 100 quiz questions. The x-ray images and the content are all from Yale School of Medicine and Radiology Assistant and so are very reliable. Each question consists of an x-ray and multiple choices as to the correct diagnosis. Select an answer and then view whether you are correct, along with an explanation of why. You can

  • Choose how many questions should be in your quiz
  • Mark questions as favourites
  • Email or share them via social media (bit random, but why not?)
  • See a nice graph of your success/failure at the end


  • $2.99
  • I think this is a bit overkill for what’s in the app but hardly daylight robbery. The content is all available as FOAM content online, so really you’re paying for the quiz functionality rather than the content itself.

Room for Improvement

  • Resolve the issue about closing the x-ray popup
  • Stop asking me if I want to rate the app every five mins


  • I enjoyed using this app. It’s nicely designed and the suggested improvements could be made easily and would make it a less stressful user experience.
  • The developers have put together the backbone something great here – an app that works as a lovely MCQ tester.
  • Now if only they could be persuaded to channel this for FOAM…
  • COI: Sam Leighton is one of the Polwarth Medical developer and has written for our blog, Don’t Forget The Bubbles. Hopefully, in spite of any criticisms of the app, he will continue to write for DFTB in future.

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