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TechTool review SonoSupport by SonoSupport on iOS

SonoSupport is a comprehensive guide to all things ultrasound. If you want to read up about best ultrasound techniques or need a refresher, SonoSupport aim to provides it all for in one app

Website: - iTunes - Website


  • The design doesn’t set the heather alight but it is clear to read.
  • There is so much info on each page and a lot of scrolling – it can become a bit tiresome. And switching between screens seems rather slow.
  • It’s more like reading a textbook that looking at an app user interface. However, the images are good quality and the colour scheme works

User Interface




Clinical Content

There is a huge amount of content on here.  It covers pretty much anything you’d want to put a probe on and gives you a breakdown on what you’re looking for and how to do it.  Topics include: eFAST; ocular; musculoskeletal; renal; and a great section on procedures. It provides you with:

  • Some background info about the scan
  • Specifics on where to put the probe and how to orientate it (along with some nice visuals)
  • Images of what a normal scan would look like
  • Common pitfalls
  • Images of abnormal scan findings


  • $8.49 – not cheap

Room for Improvement

  • It took me a while to realise that you can jump to other sections within each topic – this could be made clearer
  • Less scrolling and more dropdown boxes would be better
  • Speed up the screen changes


  • The app has a great knowledge base for clinical ultrasound teaching, but it falls into the textbook category for me.
  • For every app you need to ask -  what benefit are we getting from this being in app format? In its current format, I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be equally as great a resource on a website. In fact, wonderful sites like sonospot provide this #FOAMed, so, for me, it’s hard to justify the $8.49 spend
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  1. says

    Thanks, Tessa for your review of SonoSupport! We launched the app with hopes of improving point-of-care ultrasound education globally.

    The expansive content of the app serves as a mobile ultrasound refresher reference that can be carried with you and accessed anywhere you need it (at a tenth of the cost of a textbook!). Because it is not internet based, you can read up on any ultrasound exam on a plane, in the remote corners of a hospital or jungle, during international relief efforts, or in the comfort of your own bed. The upper right menu allows you to jump from topic to topic, within subsections of each topic, and back to the home page. If you tap on an image, it allows you to enlarge and zoom in. You can also scroll quickly through the images once they are enlarged.

    Documentation examples are provided at the end of each section and we continue to expand the Notable Pathology and Interesting Sonographic Findings sections with each complimentary update. Check out the new sections with your next app update :)

    I am an avid follower and fan of SonoSpot and contribute to #FOAMed every day… We continue to update SonoSupport with information from those fabulous sources so you can have it all in one place to help you help your patients.

    Thanks for the suggestions and stay tuned to see them implemented :)