TechTool Thursday 035

TechTool review of Diagnosia by Diagnosia Internetsevices GmbH on iOS

Diagnosia Check provides a wealth of information about drug interactions.  It aims to present evidence and reasons for interactions to help guide doctors for safe prescribing.   But a monthly charge for using it….?

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  • The design is reasonable with clear text and a solid colour scheme.
  • There is no browse option so when opening the app you are faced with a pretty much blank screen, which is always rather disappointing for a first impression.
  • But it works quickly and smoothly and there were never any problems navigating through the app

User Interface




Clinical Content

There is a lot of great content in this app:

  • Look up a drug and see a list of the drugs it interacts with along with a quick colour-coded chart of the significance of the interaction
  • Read more info about the interaction: degree of evidence; consequences of the interaction; recommendation for us; other more details info about the pharmacology of the drugs and their interactions
  • Add a drug interaction to a patient profile
  • Link to pubmed references for further reading
  • The facility to bookmark a drug does seem to be there, although I couldn’t actually work out how to do this


  •  First month is free for a trial, but then it’s $13.99 per month.  It simply cannot be aimed individual physicians at this price as it is just not worth $168 per year

Room for Improvement

  • There is a tab for bookmarks but no clear way to actually add them – (perhaps I’m being daft but…) this needs to be made clearer to the user
  • Allow the user to browse through the drugs list (alphabetically, or by type of drug) – it would make it a much nicer experience
  • No need to encourage people to add unprotected patient data to the app! It’s a minefield and an unnecessary addition – this function should be removed
  • The support website link on iTunes takes you to an error page – absent or dead support links is fast becoming my pet peeve.


  • The idea of the app is a good one and would be useful to doctors of all specialties.
  • A few simple changes to the app would make a world of a difference for the user.
  • But all of this is a bit pointless when it’s priced so high that the majority of us won’t be renewing our subscription after the 30 days free trial is up
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  1. Dr. Roberts says

    I don’t know. AFAIK you also have to pay for Epocrates after downloading it. Diagnosia appeals to me way more because of fluidity, style and functionality and I’m certainly going to buy it after the trial expires.