TechTool Thursday 031

TechTool review of CT Scanning in Critical and Emergency Care by Frasford Pty Ltd on iPad

CT Scanning in Critical and Emergency Care aims to teach ED health professionals to better understand CT scans and pick up common abnormalities.  It contains tutorials that work through CT interpretation cases

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  • The app looks great and is so simple and pleasant to use.
  • The screens are all clear and the actual scan graphics and accompanying audio are faultless.  What more could you ask for?

User Interface





Clinical Content

There is a lot of great educational content in here.  There are over 60 cases which include a clinical scenario and a CT scan.  For each case, you can:

  • Read the case history
  • Look through the scan series
  • Listen to an audio track explaining the findings (with clear directions on where on the scans the abnormalities are)
  • Read through a text based tutorial on understanding the scan and related common abnormal findings


  • $9.49 – it’s not cheap for an app but it does have a decent volume of content

Room for Improvement

  • Getting it on the iPhone would be a great asset
  • It’s a bit heavy on the self-promotion – all the buttons on the bottom take you to more of their products.  It’s like being beaten over the head with a promotional baseball bat.  A simple ‘About Us’ page would do the job
  • Some paediatric CTs would have made me a very happy Paeds ED trainee


  • I really enjoyed using this app and it has advanced my adult CT interpretation ability by leaps and bounds.
  • It’s an excellent way of providing CT education, and has common ED presentations that ED docs should be expected to recognise.
  • A great use of mobile app technology to deliver effective medical education
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