TechTool Thursday 028

TechTool review of Reversing Warfarin by HealthObs ltd on iOS

Reversing Warfarin aims to help doctors manage their patients who are on warfarin.  It gives specific and clear guidance about what do to when faced with a raised INR, a bleeding patient, or a patient heading to theatre.

Guidance is based on the Australasian Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis guidelines (2013) and the American College of Chest Physicians Guidelines (2012).

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  • I really like the design of this app and the clear flow for users.
  • The index screen is intuitive and directs you to exactly where you need to go.  This means that you get information tailored to your specific patient very easily.  The main screens just show the essentials of patient care, but then it’s straightforward to view more information if needed.  A great user interface and very well thought-out

User Interface




Clinical Content

What seems like such a simple app actually has a large amount of helpful clinical info.  It deals with several key areas: raised INR; bleeding patient; patient for elective surgery; and patient for emergency surgery.

  • The app asks for the relevant patient information and produces a clear and tailored plan for you to manage their warfarin dosing
  • This plan can be formatted into a patient protocol and can then be emailed for printing
  • The user can customise the settings according to their local hospital practice (change the type of heparin, prophylactic and treatment dose)
  • You get clear guidance for immediate management, and further info for ongoing warfarin management


  • Free

Room for Improvement

  • Once you start creating a patient scenario there is no option to correct mistakes (i.e. change the weight) – you need to start over.  Would be good to have the option.  (A very minor point though in an otherwise well-designed app).


  • This is well-planned app that is very clear and simple for the user to form a reliable management plan.  This app achieves exactly what it sets out to do.
  • It is only useful in a very specific area of practice (even less so for me in Paeds ED) but it’s a good one to have on your phone for when you might need it
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