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TechTool review of Read by QxMD Medical Software on iOS (iPad and iPhone)

Thanks to @emtraveller I have only recently discovered Read by QxMD.  Read is simple but great.  It allows you to keep track of journal articles, browse through recent releases and share them with others.  It saves you trawling through individual journal sites.

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  • The design suits the app.  It’s clear and easy to read but has some extra flourishes that make the design aesthetically pleasing (although I did think I had a crack on my screen for several minutes).  The user interface works on first glance, but the navigation did confuse me on a few occasions.
  • There isn’t simply a button to go back to the main index page (each time you have to choose whether you want to see ‘featured papers’, ‘my journals’, or ‘my collection’.  This is a small point but is annoying – every app should have an easy ‘home’ icon.

User Interface




Clinical Content

When you set up your free account, you get to select your specialty and then choose which journals you want in your article feed. Recent articles from the journals you have chosen appear in the ‘featured papers’ feed.  Alternatively you can browse by journal.  Other functions include:

  • Add comments to the articles
  • Mark the article as like or dislike (although I’m not sure what happens with this info)
  • Mark articles as favourites (can view all favourites together)
  • Download the full pdfs to view (some articles are only available in abstract form)
  • Share with friends


  • Free

Room for Improvement

  • It would be handy to be able to delete papers from your feeds to avoid clutter
  • Some more explanation on how to use the app would help users like me – I feel I am missing out on some of the features.  For example, why does every article seem to have a ‘caution alert’ icon in the bottom right corner?
  • Add in a simple home icon


This app is a free and simple way to access journal articles.  Small elements of the user interface make it a bit fiddly to use for me but these could be easily resolved.   In the end, it’s a great way to be able to keep up to date when you have a few minutes to spare.
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  1. Nikita says

    I agree, this tool is fantastic. I learned about it from a tech app workshop at CORD 2013 in Denver.. now the next step would be to automatically upload all the great knowledge directly into my brain to skip over that nasty little step of having to read all the articles!

  2. Steve says

    A great app! I love the ability to sign in through your institution to access available resources automatically.

    My one suggestion would be the ability to open the PDF in other apps. The only options are to share via twitter and Facebook, or to email. Keeping a copy of the PDF in a different cloud based app would be a plus.