TechTool Thursday 020

TechTool review of Pocket Eye Exam by NOMAD on iOS and Android

Pocket Eye exam is an app for testing eyes and for learning about the common ophthalmological assessments.  It has been designed by Biomedical Engineering students and Neurologists.

Website: – iTunes – Android – Website


  • The design is fabulous.  It encompasses everything that makes a great mobile app design and UI.
  • There are no surprises – everything does exactly what you expect and navigation is intuitive.  But the graphics are lovely – clear customized icons and graphics within the app.
  • It’s a pleasure to use

User Interface







Clinical Content

The app contains information about common ophthalmic assessments:

  • Carry out the tests: Ishihara plates; OKN strip; pupil chart; red desaturation; and visual acuity
  • Score the colour blindness test
  • Learn about the tests: background; physiological bases; and outcomes and diagnosis
  • Guidance on how to actually conduct the tests


  • $1.99 on the iPhone, $1.95 on Android – could have been one tier cheaper, but let’s not split hairs

Room for Improvement

  • The colour blindness testing has a few design areas for improvement.
  • The answer/tally buttons look out of place compared to the rest of the design.
  • Finally, I did find scoring the test a bit confusing at first – this could be made more intuitive


Great app for those who conduct eye examinations.  I’m not sure it would be used regularly in the ED setting but it’s definitely handy to have on your phone just in case someone presents with ‘?colour blindness’.  Actually, I have used the pupil sizing and visual acuity parts many times and they have been excellent.  Lovely design, great user experience and a pretty reasonable price.  Nice
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  1. Chris Edwards says

    I use it all the time. Particularly for visual acuity as often the only chart is on a wall in fast track :)