TechTool Thursday 019

TechTool review of Critical Medical Guide by The Barringer Group, LLC on iOS and Android

Critical is an emergency medicine and general medicine reference app that provides the user with guidelines and information about treatment.  It has a large range of resources including videos, images, calculators and scoring systems.

Website: - iTunes - Android - Website


  • Clearly they’ve put a lot of thought and effort into making it appear lovely – and it really shows.
  • The customised icons are very nicely designed and there are some interesting extra features like the page curling up when the user move on to the next page.  Even the pages displaying text are formatted so that the user doesn’t fall asleep while trying to learn.
  • The UI is pretty clear too.  The only thing I’d say is that there is some inconsistency between pages where one page can have a completely different design from another.  I find that a bit distracting

User Interface







Clinical Content

There is so much content in here I don’t know where to begin.  I’ll pick out a few of my favourites

  • Neuro section with a reminder of: cranial nerves; different types of bleeding as shown on CTs; management and recognition of raised ICP
  • Ventilation management: adjusting parameters; tidal volume calculations; modes of ventilation
  • Emergency dosing calculators
  • Paediatric section with emergency calculators based on age or weight

If anything they are trying to cram too much into one app – it’s hard to remember what’s there when you come to use it.  But can that really be a complaint?


  • $10.49 on iOS,  $9.96 on Android – a reasonable price considering the volume of content and great design

Room for Improvement

  • Ditch the grey background and shadowy text as my eyes are starting to hurt (see screenshot for an example of this)
  • Go through the screens to ensure design consistency throughout


Excellent app.  Bags of information, nice design and generally well-planned.  I shall be clutching it desperately when I am forced into the world of adult ED from paeds next year
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