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TechTool review of  Medrills – Airway by ArchieMD, Inc on iOS and Android

Medrills Airway is a simulation app like no other.  It is primarily aimed at paramedics but could be useful for ED medics too.  The module provides instruction on good airway management followed by some simulated scenarios and questions to test and develop your skills.   There are 15 modules available to buy separately including: pneumothorax, fractures, IV access and haemorrhage.

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  • The patient simulation in the app is better than I have seen in any mobile app.  The patients actually look real and behave like real people – it is pretty impressive.   The range of tasks the user is able to complete is stunning: inserting airways, feeling pulses, and positioning airways.
  • Some of the controls were a bit fiddly but on the whole I love the ingenuity of the simulated patients.  The graphics and overall design are also excellent.

User Interface







Clinical Content

Each module consists of an instructional video, training module and a testing module

  • Instructional video – a useful training video about how to manage airways.  I’m not a huge fan of including long (9 min) videos in apps but I do think it adds to the app overall in this case
  • Training Mode – this is the best part of the app.  Contains a decent number (approx. 15) of simulated airways scenarios/questions – it covers a broad range of airway problem
  • Testing Mode – this is really for US paramedics seeking CECBEMS Education Credits so don’t spend your money on this extra feature
  • Achievements – a few random achievement awards like a star for watching through the whole instructional video.  Good for those who need constant positive feedback


  • $4.49 on iPhone, $3.84 on Android – I’m not sure the price tag is justified.
  • There is a lot of fun content but they could have combined some of the modules together (e.g. airway and suction) rather than trying to make extra dosh from users

Room for Improvement

  • Some of the simulations are a bit too complex to work on an iPhone – having to use two fingers to perform a head-tilt on a 2D simulated patient is almost beyond my capabilities
  • The instructional video is 9 mins and if you leave half way through you have to start at the beginning again.  A marker is simple and would cause much less user irritation
  • The app crashed on me a few times and I had to restart the training module


The simulation quality and graphics in this app are simply beautiful.   A few of the modules might be useful for those of us working in ED but they are certainly helpful for paramedics.  However, at $4.49/$3.84 per module you should pick and choose carefully
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  1. says

    Just a quick note about the Animations from the MEDRILLs team. While it is correct that you if you leave half way through the video palyer will start at the beginning, you can fast forward to the point you left-off with standard iphone/ipad video controls.

    Kirk Macolini
    ArchieMD, Inc.