TechTool Thursday 016

TechTool review of WIkEM by Christopher Kim on iOS and Android

WikEM is a database of Emergency Medicine information.  It is a medical wiki which means that users can edit and add information themselves (although not directly through the app).  Wikis are essentially crowd-sourced information (Wikipedia being the most famous example).  WikEM started as junior doctors putting together a list of revision notes and expanded from there.  The mobile apps allow users to access the online content in a mobile-friendly version.

Website: - iTunes - Android - Website


  • It looks like a wiki.
  • All wikis have the same design and layout.  It would be unnecessary to change this for a mobile version so the design seems fine.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The app works smoothly and quickly and never crashes.

User Interface

WikEM screenshot1

WikEM screenshot2

WikEM screenshot3



Clinical Content

As with all wikis there is a mound of information here.  The difficulty is knowing whether the information is accurate or not.  Some of the pages are well-referenced but others have no references at all – as the content could essentially have been added by anyone it is difficult to verify its validity

  • Search for info by keyword
  • Add your own notes
  • Browse by category

But this argument applies to all wikis and I am big supporter of crowd-sourced information.  Much like FOAM facilitates all contributions, wikis do the same.  It gives the user a great overview of hundreds of Emergency topics.  I wouldn’t use it to guide me on drug doses, but for general info it’s a handy resource


  • It’s free

Room for Improvement

  • Any objections I have are do to with wikis themselves – validation of information and the ability for it to be sabotaged
  • The actual app is a perfect reflection of the WikEM website so no complaints on that front
  • It would be great to be able to edit the wiki from within the app


This app is easy to use, easy to update and has vast swathes of content.  It will serve as a good reference resource, but bear in mind that your grandma could have updated the content
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