TechTool Thursday 015

TechTool review of EM Procedure Log by Baker Hamilton on iOS

EM Procedure Log is a simple way of keeping a log of clinical activity.  This can be procedures as the title suggests but could also be cases, presentations or other useful logs.  Data is stored on the phone and can be shared via dropbox.

Website: – iTunes – Website


  • It is a very basic design and will not drive you wild with excitement.  On the other hand I had no problems using the app – the UI is clear and obvious.  No instructions are required to make full use of the app and that’s a sign of a good UI.

User Interface




Clinical Content

  • Keep a log of each procedure completed – this can (but does not have to) include patient data, supervisor name and comments/notes on the procedure
  • The user can personalise the app for their own training requirements – the name of the procedure and the number required can be set
  • The procedure log can easily be shared to a dropbox account

The app seems secure for storing patient data and complies with the AES 256 security requirements for safe storage.  It is also password protected.  I’m not sure that the dropbox sharing element is as secure as needed though


  • It’s free

Room for Improvement

  • A more imaginative design would vastly improve the user experience
  • Clarification on the security of patient data sharing on dropbox is needed – I suspect it’s not secure and if so this facility should be removed.
  • Some way to salvage a forgotten password would be good – whilst this may be a security issue, I spent 20 mins trying to remember mine during which time my entire log was reset and then I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to be allowed to create a new one.  Aaarghh


There are many procedure log apps around but as far I can see, EM Procedure Log does everything you would want it to, and it is free.  It can be completely personalised and stores data securely on the phone.   It’s easy to use and to enter the patient data and it works smoothly with no crashes.  Tip to user though – don’t forget your password
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