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TechTool review of palmPEDi by palmER Worldwide LLC  on iOS

palmPEDi provides quick access to important drug doses for paediatric emergencies.  It’s all done by weight (or an estimated weight based on age).  Select the weight and a long list of drug doses are at your feet (fingertips) iTunes – Website

A couple of weeks ago I posted a review of palmPEDi .  Pretty much straight after the review I was contacted by the developers of palmPEDi.  And no, there was no wailing, gnashing of teeth or shouting.  They took on board the review comments and updated their app.

Less than two weeks after the review was published, the palmPEDi update was released on the App Store…

They made two relatively simple changes and I believe these changes vastly improve the user experience.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Colours and graphics on the home page

screenshot HOME BEFORE

screenshot HOME AFTER

The new colour design looks much better and more professional.  Even I might have twigged they were from the Broselow Tape.  The aesthetics may seem like a small part of the app but this is the user’s first impression when they open the app so it needs to look slick

2. Organisation of the main info pages – drop-downs

screenshot Info BEFORE

screenshot Info AFTER

This change makes a massive difference to the user.  Instead of having to scroll and scroll and scroll to find the phenytoin loading dose, with the new drop-down format it takes a second.  All the main topic heading are listed as an index and the user can simply click to drop-down a topic and reveal the list of meds.

So there you go.  Simple changes but, in my opinion, extremely effective.  These changes make the app much more useful and will ultimately mean more sales of palmPEDi.  A great job all round.

Promo Codes

We have some promo codes to give away which means that some lucky readers can have a FREE copy of palmEM – the Emergency Medicine essentials app (which includes palmPEDi).  This will save you $10.99

All you need to do is post a comment below suggesting an iPhone or android app to review; or a health professional involved in IT innovation whom you would like me to interview for TechTool Thursday.

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  1. Jonathan Galtieri says

    I’ve used ERres on iOS a bit. It’s obviously a bit US centric but it’s free and has quick access to quite a few useful resources.

  2. Ignatius Soon says

    Hi there. Would like to recommend the iDoctor app for review. It’s good because it keeps track of work times, patients, procedures, and advice. If I am not wrong it is an Aussie program as well.

  3. Mo says

    Thanks for the review! I constantly use the Medscape App for iPhone and iPad as a great EBM reference that is updated each month. Dermoscopy Tutorial is a good tutorial to identify melanocytic lesions. Best!

  4. David Hall says

    Please review Mediquations… it’s an awesome app and one I use on an almost daily basis for remembering scoring systems. Enormously comprehensive, great UI and all round good app (no conflict of interest)

  5. Matt says

    Who doesn’t like crap on their iPhone (or other smart phone)?
    CRAP available in the iTunes Store for about $5 is a great app for paramedics in Victoria.
    It’s fully hyperlinked and the colour scheme, important as per blog above, is cross linked to the current protocols



  6. Christina Shenvi says

    A review of apps for ED ultrasound would be good, eg one minute ultrasound or emergency medicine ultrasound, or any others you know of. It would be helpful to get a better sense for what their strengths/weaknesses are. Thanks!

  7. Adam Herbstritt says

    Pedi stat by QxConnect is essentially the same, but slightly better app than palm Pedi. I’ve used Pedi Stat for a couple of years, but tried Palm Pedi following your review. Content is almost identical but Pedi stat runs a little smoother and has a nicer layout -- you enter age or weight or length/height or broslow colour on the opening screen with all drug doses / equipment sizes calculated for the subsequent drop down menus. They are both the same price. I don’t think you need both, and if I had to choose one I’d go with Pedi Stat!

    Thanks for the blog -- keep them coming.

  8. cris b says

    I’m doing exams this year :0(
    thinking of getting the online app for The Emergency Medicine Manual by Robert Dunn -- apparently it is set up for I phone for handy on the job referencing/ revision. any chance you can give us a review? thanks

  9. Andrew Pacitti says

    An app used daily by fellow residents in the US. : 10 Second EM. Great collection of EM information, including clinical decision rules and criteria. Very helpful.

  10. Joel D'Eath says

    On the iOS platform I use an app called Critical fairly regularly, it could use some tweaking in layout & design as well as image resolution. I also use ECG Guide by QxMD as a fairly decent ECG reference on the road.

  11. Adam Gwiz says

    From a pharmacist perspective, Micromedex is a nice free app available on the iphone, and I think android. Breaks down drug classes nicely and gives easy dose recommendations. Quick easy reference tool.