TechTool Thursday 008

TechTool review of ERres by Denali Apps PLC on Android  (reviewed on Samsung Galaxy)

ERres assists ED trainees in their day-to-day practice.  It provides algorithms, guidelines, doses and decision rules covering all areas of Emergency Medicine.

Website: – iTunes – Android – Website – Twitter – Facebook


  • It’s simple but it does the job.  Clear and intuitive to use.
  • It’s lacking some of the nice extra graphics that are in the iPhone version, but overall it works well and there are no major design gaffes.

User Interface

Clinical Content

The content here is extremely useful for ED trainees.  It is full of protocols and quick reference guides for ED

  • Trauma guidelines: head CT decision rules, C-spine clearance, Ottawa ankle and foot rules
  • Paeds guidelines: elbow ossification centres, IV fluids, resus
  • Intubation and sedation drug doses and procedures
  • Medical guidelines: PE, ECG guide, CSF analysis

To be honest the list goes on and on.  There is so much info in here, and a handy search function so you can find everything.


  • $2.99 – a bargain for the amount of info in here

Room for Improvement

  • Adding some nicer graphics for the android version wouldn’t go amiss
  • It’s US focused so some of the info isn’t applicable to the rest of the world, but most of it is universal


This app is fantastic.  Great on android, great on iPhone.  Reasonably priced, simple to use and crammed with useful information.  I. Love. It.
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