TechTool Thursday 007

TechTool review of Upshot by Clay Smith on iOS (reviewed on iPhone)

Upshot is a new app by Keeping Up, providing the user with succinct summaries of recent research.  The articles are digested and critically appraised so a quick read is all that’s needed to keep up.  Each month the articles are updated

Website: – iTunes – Android – Website – Twitter


  • Nice logo and splashscreen and the navigation works well.  I always appreciate customised icons and there are some lovely ones in the ‘category’ page (see screenshot).
  • However, in the actual article review pages, some of the graphics aren’t great quality and would benefit from a redesign – but this doesn’t impair the ability to use the app.  The top half of the page is a giant graphic of the mark and then a user feedback question so it takes a while to see the actual article review  (this could be easily resolved).

User Interface

upshot screenshot 1

upshot screenshot 2

upshot screenshot 3

Clinical Content

  • Article summaries – around 20 articles reviewed each month from 50 high-quality journals
  • Each article has been critically appraised by a team of professionals and rated on quality and relevance
  • The ‘Keeping Up Channel’ shows the user a  feed of Keeping Up’s podcasts


  • Free – as it’s a work in progress then that’s fair enough

Room for Improvement

  • Redesign the graphics and layout of the actual article review pages
  • More content on there would be good but it may be difficult to keep up with the volume of work this would require
  • Some explanation as to what the ‘Keeping Up Score’ means would help the user understand the articles more


Upshot has bags of potential.  Having up-to-date, relevant articles that have been peer-appraised available on your iPhone for easy reading is ace.   It is a work in progress, and a few simple design changes would make it more user friendly.  I look forward to watching it develop and improve – and the developers could easily charge for this once it’s a bit more established.


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  1. John Larkin says

    Hi Tessa,

    Thanks for highlighting this app, looks very useful.

    Just worth a mention it is also available for free on Android via Google Play



  2. Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd says

    Thanks Tessa….

    Its great to get your insights on these Tech matters.

    I have 200 odd medical apps.

    Make that 201 odd apps……

    I have to delete a few.

    Do you have a spread sheet or database or other resource of the best apps you have come across?

    • says

      Yes, I have a similar problem. But there are only a few I use regularly and that are therefore my favourites. Would be interesting to see screenshots of people’s mobile phone main screen/medical apps folder to see who uses what. Might be a good twitter project for TechTool Thursday.