TechTool Thursday 003

TechTool review of Resuscitation! by EM Gladiators on iOS

Resuscitation! is a patient simulation resus game.  A scenario is presented and you have to manage the patient exactly as would happen in an Emergency Department.  A final score is awarded depending on how many of the expected actions (or harmful actions) you took.

Website: EM Gladiators - iTunes


  • It is intuitive to use and I had no problems working out how to play.

User Interface

Resuscitation Screenshot

Resuscitation Screenshot

Resuscitation Screenshot

Resuscitation Screenshot

Clinical Content

  • The full version contains 17 cases including trauma, chest pain, allergy, sepsis, weakness and confusion
  • History and examination can be tailored to the patient
  • All sorts of medications and fluids can be administered
  • Blood tests/scans can be ordered and results reviewed
  • Request a consult and realise you’re on the wrong track when the surgeons say they ‘can’t understand why you asked them to review’


  • 3 cases in the free version
  • $2.99 in app purchase to upgrade to all 17 cases

Room for Improvement

  • More paediatric cases would be good
  • Once an action is completed it would be nice to be told whether than action was ‘critical’, ‘non-essential’ or ‘harmful’.  This can be established in a round-about way but it’s not immediately clear and this part is important for teaching
  • I’m pretty sure you deserve to lose a mark for doing a PR exam on a septic 1 month old but Resuscitation! didn’t seem to mind


I love games, and I love medical apps.  Resuscitation! combines both – it’s fun addictive and the competitive element with scores really makes me want to keep going until all my scores are high enough to publicise them (see screenshots).  Fun to use, great for training and has lots of potential to add new scenarios.
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  1. EM Gladiators says

    Thank you Tessa for your input. Your comments are well received. We will both add more pediatric cases and improve the user feedback for action type (critical/bonus/etc) by color coding each action as it is performed. Please keep an eye out for future versions.