TechTutes Tuesday Twitter Basics

aka  001

Come and learn how to use technology to improve healthcare…

Without a doubt we can improve patient care through technology and health innovation. Technology is not only for those with computer science degrees – we can all do it. I know there are people of all levels of IT knowledge and there are those who don’t know: how to use twitter; how to organize a google hangout; how to set up their wordpress blog; how to wireframe their app; or how to write their own basic html email signature. Everyone can do it, it is not rocket science. The more people we can get on board using and understanding technology, the more health innovation there will be.

With that in mind, I’m starting a series of small screencasts (my voice and my computer screen). They will all be bite-size (less than 10 mins) so you can watch them when you have a spare moment.

They will range from the beginner level up to more advanced.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments sections or e-mail me (tessadavis06 AT gmail DOT com). I’m not a tech expert, just someone who loves health innovation and health IT — remember to correct me when you spot mistakes or if you know a better way.

I’m starting with twitter basics and building from there. Hope you enjoy.

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