No emergency? No, thanks…

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Rick Abbott bemoans the treatment of the uninsured in the American health system. If you’re uninsured and you’re diagnosed in the ER with a potentially lethal condition that isn’t deemed an ’emergency’, then the hospital is not obliged to treat you… Madness, eh.

It costs what?

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Rick Abbot, our ‘American ER Doc Gone Walkabout’, dives into the murky quagmire of medical costs in the United States and makes a comparison with what he experienced in Australia. At least he tries to…

Emergency Imaging in Tassie

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Rick Abbott gives us his take on the good, the bad and the ugly of the different emergency radiology services he’s encountered in Tasmania and the United States.


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LITFL’s ‘American ER Doc Gone Walkabout’ Rick Abbott tells us about his personal adventures with ‘hands on’ defibrillation and cardioversion… Are you ready for CPR with no interruptions?

Dollars and no sense

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This week ‘American ER Doc gone Walkabout’ Rick Abbot looks at how many times he has to sign his name at work and whether or not his patients can buy their prescribed medications….

Global Medical Costs


The Unites States appears to be falling behind other nations when it comes to providing affordable health care for its population

Fear and Loathing in ER and ICU

Times Online have just published a brilliantly written and seriously hardcore article by the late Steven Wells, a UK rock journalist who recently died from lymphoma. Steven kept a diary of his time battling cancer in the United States – the article starts like this: “I’m writing these notes in the ER blitzed off my […]