SMACCtastic PK talks!

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The first crop of SMACCtastic PK SMACC-talks have gone live – and they’re awesome! You’ll regret it if you don’t watch these engaging presentations ASAP.

That probably wasn’t a good idea….

One of great joys of being an emergency doctor, (and also one of it’s sobering features) is that, on certain occasions, there will be unfortunate members of the public who present to hospital having done something ridiculously stupid. Many of these foolish acts are chronicled in the Darwin Awards.

Lucky to be here


“Which snakes possess the deadliest venoms?” is a question sandnsurf has answered previously here at Life In The Fast Lane.He quite rightly noted that having the deadliest venom isn’t the same as being the deadliest snake. In fact, human factors are extremely important when it comes to getting bitten by a snake, and in determining […]

When Douglas met Struan


The incomparable Douglas Adams, of “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ” fame, met the equally incomparable Australian toxinologist, Struan Sutherland.