Fever, Friend or Foe?

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Paul Young’s SMACC talk on ‘Fever, friend or Foe?’ got some of the most positive feedback ever seen on a speaker’s report card. This is his post on the subject of fever in the critically ill, along with the audio and the slides from SMACC.

CICM SAQ 2013.1 Q9


Questions 9. A 56-year-old male, with a previous splenectomy, presents with an altered mental state but a stable cardiorespiratory status. He is pyrexial with a temperature of 38.4C.  Blood cultures taken on admission show gram-positive cocci in both bottles.a) What is the likely diagnosis and what other specific investigations would you  order?b) Outline your specific […]



Septris is a game all about sepsis, provided in a cool interactive online learning format.

CICM SAQ 2010.1 Q24


Questions A 33 year old female presented with high fever and abdominal pain. She has Gram negative bacteraemia and septic shock. The following is data from a blood gas analysis: 24.1.  List the acid-base abnormalities. 24.2.  What are the causes of elevated plasma lactate in sepsis? 24.3.  Name three (3) drugs (each from a different […]