TechTool Thursday 022


Pediatric Oncall is a mobile app produced by the website and it aims to encompass everything you might every want for paediatrics (or pediatrics)

TechTool Thursday 011


palmPEDi provides quick access to important drug doses for paediatric emergencies. It’s all done by weight (or an estimated weight based on age).

Investigation Quiz 024


A 3 month old girl is brought to your emergency department after three days of diarrhoea and vomiting. She is very unwell and lethargic, with sunken eyes

Hot lips

oral burn thumb 150

Your next patient is a 2 year-old girl who has sustained a burn…. to her mouth. See if you know your stuff in this case-based Q&A post.

A Toxic Slumber

toxic 150

A 3 year-old boy is BIBA with a reduced level of consciousness. He is protecting is airway, has a respiratory rate of 15/min, a pulse rate of 70/min and blood pressure of 85/35 mmHg. He is responsive to painful stimuli and has pupils 2mm in diameter. Can you keep out of harm’s way?