Horrible Spots and Pain


A 4 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his parents with a history of increasing numbers of red spots on his legs over the past 6 days. They took him to two different family doctors and have tried various creams. The spots have spread to his buttocks and his arms, and now his legs are sore and look swollen. He has also had abdominal pains.

Penile Zipper Entrapment!

Penile Zipper Entrapment

A 6-year old boy presents to ED in agony after entrapping his penis in the zipper of his new jeans. He is very distressed, unable to lay still or co-operate, and every movement of his legs makes him scream in pain as the fabric tugs on his sequestered foreskin. Do you have the skills to set him free?

Baby Tim’s Cries

crying baby thumbnail

Baby Tim is 3 months-old and has been crying inconsolably. His exhausted mother has brought him into the emergency department at one in the morning desperate for help. Can you help her?

Perilous Pinhead Polka-dots


A 3 week-old newborn is brought in to the emergency department by her worried parents. A non-blanching rash has appeared overnight. How are you going to handle this scenario?

Splat! A vomiting infant


An infant is brought in by his concerned parents. Splat! Vomiting is the presenting complaint. Can you work out what’s going on and help this sick baby?

Swedish Furniture

RMB inhaled FB

A toddler’s respiratory distress is getting worse. He is wheezy but not responsive to bronchodilators. Could Swedish furniture be the cause?