TechTool Thursday 020


Pocket Eye exam is an app for testing eyes and for learning about the common eye assessments designed by Biomedical Engineers and Neurologists.

Anterior Eye Disease

Anterior Eye Disease

It is sometimes with trepidation that I tear away the anonymous brown cover concealing a furtive tome sent for review…however, having read this awesome text (twice), I attest that in this case…my fears were unjust.

Lid cracked open

eyelid wound thumbnail

A 3 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his father after coming second best in a head versus chair collision. Can you manage his injury?

Bashed, Blind and Bulging

retrobulbar hemorrhage thumbnail

A 35 year-old martial artist presents with loss of vision in his right eye after being on the wrong end of a spinning back fist. Can you save his eyesight?

Another Poke in the Eye

Corneal Abrasion

A man was poked in the eye and now has a sharp pain on the surface of his eye and is photophobic. Can you diagnose and treat his condition?

Blunt Trauma to the Eye


Your Emergency Department Director decided that a team-building exercise at the local boxing gym would be a good idea. You are left to hold the fort at work. An hour later the Director is en route to the ED

Half an 8 ball


A 26 year-old man sustained an injury of uncertain mechanism to his left eye while at the bottom of a ruck during a game of rugby. Can you sort it out for him?

Bump and blur

A 71 year-old man tripped at home and bumped his forehead on the wall as he went to ground. His only complaint is markedly blurred vision in his right eye. How are you going to manage this case in the emergency department?

A Woman of Singular Vision

central retinal vein occluson

A 56 year-old female presents with sudden onset loss of vision in her right eye. She has a past medical history of hypertension, hyperlipidema and medication-controlled diabetes mellitus type 2. Can you make the diagnosis and help to preserve her eyesight?