LITFL Image DATABASE collection


We have just started the long process of cataloguing the LITFL image collection – currently standing at 120,000 prospectively consented images from the last 15 years.

Imagery in Medicine


Information can be conveyed via many different methods and the brain has a great ability to store this information in a meaningful context. While words have been doing a great job at exchanging information sometimes a simple picture can say a thousand words.

MedTing Collaborative Learning


MEDTING is a free online MEDical MeeTING and Exchange platform where registered medical practitioners can publish and share medical content. Users can create clinical cases, upload images and videos. Currently there are 2336 cases to read and 29203 images and videos to view. MedTing is a great online resource to share and discuss clinical images […]

Medical Media Kits with Pete Smith

With an ever-expanding collection of radiological and clinical images the next step is to combine core text, HQ clinical images and HD video with physician led animation. In this respect I find the work of Professor Pete Smith to be outstanding and look forward to being able to access more than just the small sample of videos he has written and designed.