TechTool Thursday 031


CT Scanning in Critical and Emergency Care aims to teach ED health professionals to better understand CT scans and pick up common abnormalities. It contains tutorials that work through CT interpretation cases

TechTool Thursday 030


This week, we released Smart FOAM, a new mobile app, which collects all your #FOAMed resources in the one place. The idea is to make it easier to access FOAM, given that the volume of content is increasing by the minute.

Pimp my iPad 003


In this episode we take a look at how to find the apps we are after quickly (especially good quality medical apps), how we can launch apps, how we can delete them and how we can update them.

Pimp my iPad 002


One the best features of the iPad (and in fact a lot apple devices) is how easy it is to use from the beginning. Anyone, from the technophiles, children through to Orangutans can get use to simply navigating around the iPad.