Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a tragic disease which usually affects adults in the prime of their lives, and may even occur in childhood. Many authorities suggest there is little that people can do for themselves apart from taking medication and waiting until they deteriorate.

Are Multivitamins safe? an evidence based analysis


Part of the training – the hours of learning and the endless research – has led me to seek out individuals who manage to combine a thirst for knowledge and evidentia scientificus with altruistic pedagogy. One such individual is Professor George Jelinek. He uses an evidence based and measured approach to systematically review health initiatives to define life-choice outcomes. here presented are some modified re-postings from his Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis website.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis


This noxious and precipitous combination increases our chances of developing significant physical and mental illness – unless we take time to smell the roses and recognize the early warning systems our body has in place