Molluscum palmaris


Despite research I have yet to find another case report of a living, growing mollusk found a month after traumatic inoculation

Something in my eye, Doc

corneal foreign body

A mechanic presents with something in his eye. Can you navigate the traps and pitfall of assessing and managing this common emergency presentation?

Condom Inhalation


With the Flu season upon us the Utopian College of Emergency for Medicine (UCEM) would like to remind all fondling members of their duty to take a full and appropriate past medical history. This includes a past sexual history…

Swedish Furniture

RMB inhaled FB

A toddler’s respiratory distress is getting worse. He is wheezy but not responsive to bronchodilators. Could Swedish furniture be the cause?

Nail Gun Injuries

Nail Gun

Mr Ivor Plank attended the Emergency Department on the weekend having developed a painfully strong bond with an expensive piece of skirting board…Clinical review of nail gun injuries presenting to emergency departments and the management of penetrating nail injury.

Radiological Oddity #018


This 42-year old male was receiving TPN via a PICC line following recent abdominal surgery. A CTPA requested to investigate chest pain revealed some unexpected findings.

Top 10 Foreign Bodies

Feeling Thirsty?

Top 10 list of favorite ingested or inserted foreign bodies. Ingested or inserted foreign bodies are often best delineated with X-ray