EM from a student perspective

I read with interest this morning an article written by Elsevier Medical Student Ambassador – Ben Jacka. It is always refreshing to read a candid review of external perceptions of life in and around the Emergency Department. I came into the emergency department on a busy Sunday evening under the impression that I may in […]

Toxicology Handbook


The Life in the Fast lane team have had great fun putting together blog posts, interrogative questions, clinical cases, frivolous trivia and putting our slant on the evidence behind emergency medicine literature. However, as well as the blog writing there has been a little bit of book writing and it is exciting to see the final stages drawing toward ‘closure’ on the four books completed this year.

Midwifery Preparation for Practice


Midwifery preparation to practice facilitates the maternity care provider to explore all care options to empower women throughout their pregnancy, to make informed decision regarding their care. This is demonstrated within the book by recent evidence based research findings.

Nurse Point

Nurse Point is a fantastic new website created by Elsevier Australia to provide high quality information to Australian and New Zealand nurse’s, and best of all its free.

Glandular Alphabetum

Pathologically cute bunny

Pathology must be really boring sometimes…all that purple and pink and cold laboratory environment. So who can blame them for being excited when they chance upon a pareidolic experience, a Wolkenkuckucksheim if you like where the pathologist finally has the chance to say ‘Bad news: you have a tumor. Good news: it’s really cute!’

Examination Emergency Medicine

Examination Emergency Medicine

Examination Emergency Medicine is the first textbook to directly address the practical aspects of passing the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Fellowship examination

MedConnect – Where Medicine Connects


Elsevier Australia has long been associated with publishing textbooks and journals for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Until recently, the Australasian arm of the Elsevier publishing giant had been content with their role as ‘hard copy’ publishers of high quality health related literature, leaving the internet and software based platforms to their US counterparts.