Swearing your way out of a crisis

Liz Crowe, @LizCrowe2, Social Worker, Well Being Counsellor, and smaccGOLD Superstar. Politically correct? Not so much.

I missed this talk at smaccGOLD – for my sins. But I could hear the audience reaction through the walls. Now I know why.

Liz explores society’s expectations of those of us who deal with the unimaginable and how we cope with it. Swearing and humour go a long way.

This talk will bring a smile to your face, blow you away and make you want to spend more time hanging out with your department’s social workers.

Oh, a word of warning, this talk does include swear words.

Listen here (click here to directly download the mp3):

Here are the slides:

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liz crowe

Photo by @TheTopEnd

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