Strip Tease

Part of the fun of #FOAMed is to explore myriad of alternative ways of providing high quality medical education in an asynchronous learning environment. To this end we are constantly scouring the web to read, review and revel in innovative ways to educate

Strip Tease

StripTease is aimed at providers who need to make fast interpretations of critical care monitoring equipment. The site is primarily aimed at on-call inpatient residents, pre-hospital personel and emergency responders.

The focus is on rapid real-time ECG interpretation.

Single rhythm strips as would be presented on a bedside monitor, a defibrillator or an alarm strip are presented often with other bedside vital signs to assist in evaluation.

Get started

Pick a case (from the case list). It’s best to start with case 1 and go in sequence through the first 65 strips

You get 15 seconds to form an impression. Many strips are zoom-able. Users can hover over the strip to pull up a mini-zoom area to better define the complexes – or the user can click the strip to see it in full screen mode.

Then read the explanation, evaluation, final impression and learning points provided. If you don’t agree…add a comment

Strip Tease

Click ‘see the next strip’ at the bottom of each page to move on to the next one.

Next steps



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