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Approximately 414 million people speak Spanish as a native language, making it second only to Mandarin in terms of its number of native speakers worldwide. There are more than 500 million Spanish speakers as a first or second language, and 20 million students of Spanish as a foreign language.

With the help of native Spanish speakers such as Gabriel Heras la Calle we are updating the Spanish FOAM section of the EMCC blog page and the Spanish feeds hosted on FOAMEM.

Tendiendo puentes y no levantando muros – #FOAMes

Gabi, with his Humanizing Intensive Care Project along with other Spanish language based critical care blogs are spreading the FOAM message to parts of the world that need Free Open Access Medical Education the most. Enterview with Concha Zaforteza and Gabi Heras

Después de ejercer en varios hospitales en España y ver lo que se cuece, y haber tenido la suerte de vivir la experiencia en América Latina y África, siento que es el momento de parar. Pensar en lo que hacemos y en cómo y por qué lo hacemos. Por qué lo elegimos y si realmente esto es lo que queríamos. Por qué nos quejamos tanto y por qué hacemos tan poco por cambiar nuestro día a día. Os invito a pensar. Y a emprender un viaje hacia el interior para que desde allí juntos construyamos esa Medicina por la que todos nos dejamos la vida y siempre quisimos

Reanimación and the FOAM principle in action: ¿En qué creemos? ¿Por qué hacemos esto?

Spanish language critical care medical blogs

  • SESMES – Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine
  • Urgencias Bidasoa – emergency medicine and critical care cases and education FCM MIR H. Bidasoa (author:  Josu Abecia Valencia)
  • Cosas del PAC – reviews, clinical cases and presentations Gipuzkoa (author: Marilis González)
  • ViaMedEM – #FOAMed in Spanish in <250 words (author: Wilfredo Gómez)
  • Humanizing Intensive Care – critical reviews and thinking in intensive care (author: Gabriel Heras la Calle)
  • Medicina de Emergencia – Costa Rica (author: Manrique Umana)
  • REANYMA – Resuscitation reviews and news (author: Antonio Caballero)
  • Reanimación – reviews of the latest updates in resuscitation medicine, critical care and emergency in Spanish
  • REMI medicina intensiva – highlights of the best reviewed original papers published in medical journals around the world and selected by a team of intensivists and other professionals based on their relevance and usefulness for patient care critical (author: Eduardo Palencia Herrejón).
  • Med Critica – reviews of emergency medicine and critical care updates with Wojciech Rojewski
  • My Emergency Medicine –  Weblog (FOAM) con Temas de Medicina de Emergencia y relacionados (author: Federico G. Capriles)
  • MDU Chile –  reviews, clinical cases and presentations in Chile (author: Carlos Basaure)



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    I’d love to work with Gabriel on translating the ECG Assessment I put together into Spanish! I worked with the amazing Turkish FOAMed crowd (from Haldun, Can, and Melis) to translate the project into Turkish.

    If you could get his my details that would be awesome!