Some days you just need to listen

Things have been fairly quiet recently

The LITFL team are currently building things, revising things or, well just plain ‘fixing stuff’

Most of the team are simply bashing their heads against the brick wall of bureaucracy – a very tedious and draining process, which will hopefully come to an end soon and we will see the resumption of normal educational deliverance…

…but in the meantime – a short and awesome piece from Jason Headley which sums up where we are at

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  1. says

    Freaky. Just what I needed to see after a tedious day trying to get a colleague’s credentialling for surgery accepted by the local Hospital and running into a shitstorm of pain instead.

    Today I have learned that being credentialled in surgery does NOT allow you to do endoscopy/colonoscopy … even if you had previously done these procedures in the same institution in the past under the same credentialling agreement

    …and that asking questions of admin in an attempt to progress patient care invites allegations of ‘harassment’

    So much for trying to fix things. Whilst an immediate solution would appear apparent to the clinician (remove the nail), such solutions are not always clear to the health bureaucracy.

    My mantra this week “it’s not about the nail”

    A timely post, I commend you.

  2. Tony says

    Thanks, I just laughed myself into a bronchospasm. This is Primary Care in a nutshell. I bet that fellow’s Press Ganey scores are as bad as mine.

  3. says

    Chin up and all that. I was singing the praises of yourself and the LITFL team to the London Deanery today.

    My advice was if you want to know #FOAM -- go to LITFL.

    Believe me when I say that all the effort is fantastically appreciated.