Social Media and Knowledge Translation

I recently had the good fortune to work with two of my friends and colleagues, Paul Young and Dash Gantner, on an editorial published in the December 2013 edition of Critical Care and Resuscitation.

The article is titled ‘Can social media bridge the gap between research and practice?’ and in it we argue that:

A structured approach to knowledge translation that harnesses social media and the internet may have tangible, practical benefits for researchers.

and that:

To defeat dogma and improve patient outcomes, we need to enter the battle for hearts and minds wherever it takes place, whether that is in the hospital corridors or on the internet.

Thanks to the editor of Critical Care and Resuscitation, Rinaldo Bellomo, and the College of Intensive Care Medicine you can download the free full text pdf here.

Young PJ, Nickson CP, Gantner DC. Can social media bridge the gap between research and practice? Crit Care Resusc. 2013 Dec;15(4):257-9. PubMed PMID: 24289505. [Free Full Text]
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